Master Plan for Key Development Pockets

With the help of Chamber investors, Chamber Executive Director Vicki Markussen is one of several individuals representing the voice of businesses, residents, developers and others as a master plan for Highway-53’s corridor (and several blocks surrounding it) are envisioned for growth.

The group, with public input to consulting planners hired by the city have identified several nodes for improvement have been identified. The nodes are economic hubs that, when planned correctly, can spark growth that positively impacts the neighborhoods surrounding the corridor from I-90 to downtown.

The nodes are identified in the below map.

Notes from 2017-02-23 Meeting

NODE 1 (PRIORITY 1): Near Bridgeview Plaza

 North of George:

  • Add streets in large parcels and look at senior housing

 South of George

  • Cunningham — connect. Creates smaller blocks
  • Bring buildings too street
  • By breaking down the scale, creates walkability

NODE 4 (PRIORITY 2): Where 3rd/4th Divide

  • See below

NODE 2 (Best Western)

  • Improve Streetscaping
  • Create frontage feel with some removal of trailers
  • Create connectivity of beach to green space (on sides of trailer homes).
    • Look at joint access agreements

NODE 3: Copeland Park

  • New “gateway” building at corner (Hardee’s) that sets the tone for the corner.
  • Parking consolidation behind Hardees

NODE 4: Split

  • Residential development along marsh
  • Focal point at split — VERY CHALLENGING site
  • West of Farrell: create a street grid and residential