New MTU Head Shares Transit How-Tos

The new head of the MTU spoke at the HR Collaborative, hosted by Manpower, and held at the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce’s Lyle & Norma Anderson Education Center. Find here the contact information for the MTU head.

Adam Lorentz, Transit Manager
LaCrosse MTU
2000 Marco Drive; La Crosse, WI  54601

I had a summary prepared, but then Lana Sacia with Manpower did a much better job. Here is Lana’s summary of the information shared at the HR Collaborative today in the Chamber’s Lyle & Anderson Education Center. — Vicki Markussen

Feel Free to Reach Out

The La Crosse Municipal Transit has a sincere interest and is committed to working with employers to understand what is needed currently and in the future in terms of public transportation for our employees.  Adam has asked that companies reach out to him individually to share their unique workforce needs to include current shift times, number of employees, number of needed employees.

MTU has identified gaps within our area in which transit service is lacking.  Working currently on Industrial area behind Woodman’s and area near Onalaska YMCA.

 Employer Tips

  • Consider adjusting company shift times in order to allow for the transit system to be a good alternative for employee transportation
  • The Works Pass Program offers discounted rates for employers, invoicing you monthly for services used. Use this as a way to address transportation issues for employees and candidates residing in and around La Crosse.
  • Mondays are free! Try it out.  MTU would coordinate a special day and trial for companies requesting it.
  • The Circulator Route runs every 30 minutes, connecting the Southside to grocery stores, the library and other strategic destination

How the Bus Helps

 The benefits of incorporating a company initiative that embraces commuter options does the following:

  • Assists in Recruitment & Retention of Employees
  • Helps employees save money on their daily commute
  • Reduces tardiness and absenteeism 
  • Addresses parking demands
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Enhances corporate image and embraces a “green” initiative
  • MTU buses allow for bicycle carry

Employers can potentially develop and implement a customized transportation options program as an employee benefit to address the commuting challenges facing a worksite to include;

  • Zip code analysis of where your employees are commuting from
  • Surveying current employees to learn their current methods of transportation
  • Customized Employee Incentive Programs (Share a Ride or Publicly Commute x number of times and receive “Bonus Bucks” -as example)
  • Identify an Emergency Ride Home option for those who use Public Transportation
  • Marketing and Communications Support
  • Onsite Events and Webinars associated with the initiative
  • Preferred Parking Program for Ride Share Drivers
  • Commuter Tax Benefit Guidance
  • “Best Workplaces for Commuters” Support
  • Corporate Recognition

Rideshare & S.M.R.T. Bus

Alternative transportation options include WI Rideshare – and S.M.R.T Bus Route Service Corridors Encourage multi-modal transportation through brief tips that can be inserted into your employee newsletter.  Tips to include ridesharing, park and ride lots, bike and pedestrian trails, highway construction, as well as other alternative options. Consider a transportation fair to acquaint your employees with transportation options and opportunities once you have become knowledgeable

Wisconsin Rideshare is available to consult with you and help tailor commuter options to your work site – the service is FREE.  Employer and Rider brochures attached.  On-site ridematching may be available for your employees.  Their representative can help with scheduling.  Contact:  Frank Furdek;; (888) 300-9796

S.M.R.T. Program is managed by Running, Inc.- Associated with MTU in terms of funding for program.  Provides scheduled service from Tomah to La Crosse, Prairie du Chien to La Crosse, and La Farge and Viroqua to La Crosse (incudes scheduled stops in between to and from three times on weekdays). Contact Information:  (608) 784-0000