The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met on March 27, 2012 and voted in support of the City of La Crosse referendum to hire a professional City Administrator.

Over the past several months the Chamber has served as an educational resource on the referendum, in part, by offering the recent Economic Forum in partnership with the La Crosse Area Development Corporation. In addition, Board members and staff have met with Chamber members and other representatives to further explore both sides of the discussion.

The value in having a professional City Administrator is a higher level of efficiency as it relates to City management and strategic growth. The City of La Crosse has operated under the same organizational structure since the 1800’s.  As the City budget approaches 75 million, and the world becomes more complex, we believe the benefits of hiring a trained professional who understands budgeting, policy management, risk mitigation, and strategic visioning will bring an opportunity for growth and positive change in our City.

We urge the voters of the City of La Crosse to give serious consideration to the benefits of an Administrator position and to support the referendum with their vote on April 3.

Dyanne Brudos                                   Dick Granchalek
Board Chair                                         President

For further information you may contact Dyanne Brudos at 608 791-7205.