Caitlin Locy signed up to be on the Honor Student Banquet committee because the event is a time when students are recognized for their academic excellence. Chamber businesses make this event possible by sponsoring the event and by hosting the family. 

There is an energy as we celebrate our best and brightest heading off into the world:

  • Parents/guardians beam with pride because of their loved one
  • The students appreciate the recognition
  • Businesses connect with amazing families, stories of their upbringing and dreams to come
  • A local business leader success story is featured as inspiration  

How Caitlin Locy is a rock star

One of the challenges the Chamber has is ensuring our school contact information is up to date. Sometimes there’s a new high school principal who needs to know what the event is and what their role is. 

Caitlin not only ensured we have current information for the schools, she followed up to ensure the lists of the top 5% of graduates is submitted so that we can send invitations and begin to do the matchmaking – approaching the students or parents employers for sponsorship (the best sponsors to have are those who know them), former alumni of the schools, or those wanting to support the students.

Caitlin’s help saves our Chamber team a lot of work. Thank you for being a “rock star” volunteer, Caitlin!





I love the Honor Student Banquet because it shines a positive light on our local students for their academic achievements. It’s kind of a one-of-a-kind event when you think about it. We have banquets for special talents like athletic achievements, fine arts achievements, etc., but I can’t think of something else that focuses on congratulating students for working hard academically.

I also love that it’s a foundational networking opportunity for the students, and for Chamber members. Even if a student has plans to leave the area after graduation, the emphasis on building up our local community businesses and the fact that the Coulee Region will always be home if they want it to be is very special.

They just might remember who their sponsor was five years from now when they’re looking to come back to the area, or maybe the connection now is a gateway for something in the more immediate future. We’re pairing tomorrow’s talent with today’s leaders. That’s invaluable to both sides of the table. Caitlin Locy

Asst. Dir, Admission, Viterbo University